Surf Brewery

Ventura County, long known for world class surf spots like Rincon Cove, C-Street and Silver Strand, now has a world class craft beer presence. Surf Brewery®, located minutes from Surfer’s Point in beautiful Ventura, is riding the wave of California’s vibrant beer history and tradition of making craft beers. Founded by home brewers and surfers with a passion for beer and a commitment to create only the finest brews using the highest quality ingredients.

Surf Brewery® is the only packaging microbrewery in Ventura County, self distributing in kegs and bottles. We want to continue the great tradition of California breweries, like Adam Schuppert Brewery, the first in California started in 1849, Anchor Brewering Co., considered the first craft beer in America and the New Albion Brewery, considered the first microbrewery in the U.S. We strongly believe California beer is the best in the World!

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